Possible Objects

Building the foundations for a full-service identity, a challenge was set for us to visually establish a product design company’s transversal, material output and the global community who use its climate-conscious products.

Possible Objects emerged following a period of rigorous research, through which we proposed a naming system that marries timeless form with archetypal philosophy. The brand’s contemporary attitude to furniture making is designed into a centralising layout system and visual identity, applied to all design material and narrated by a feline mascot.
Already familiar to us as a staple character within domestic life, the cat’s figure inspires another, metaphorical weight too: much like Schrödinger’s cat of paradoxical thought, how many ways to use the Possible Object are realisable at once?

Creative Direction with ÁNGEL VALIENTE
Strategy with SERGI VILÀ
Verbal identity with BANZAI TURBA
Photography by ANDRÉS SOLLA
Illustration by LUÍS MAZÓN

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