We have worked with MACBA to bring visuality to their recently inaugurated, multimodal collection ‘Poetic Intention’.

Described as a space in which art making and curating’s totality is presented as a generative and emancipatory force, the collection brings into new relation works of recent and older acquisition by the museum. MACBA frames context to its disruption of museographic tradition through the 1971 work of the same title by Martinican poet and philosopher Eduoard Glissant.
In our development of a complementary identity that blends an analogue and digital sensibility, titular typography distorts and expands in fluid movement within a monochromatic direction that nods to the curatorial proposal. The collection’s identity has been applied across in-house and public-facing formats.

“Impeccable conceptualization, creative proposal and teamwork.”

Carla Ventosa, Head of Communication at MACBA

Motion graphics by GERARD MALLANDRICH

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