New identity for Juan Vidal, a spanish reknown fashion designer from Alicante.

We have built a kinetic visual identity for fashion designer Juan Vidal that nods to the flamboyance of 70s tastemaking and a contemporary expression of desire. Finding ways to support and illuminate the constants of his work and direction, we sought out graphic forms that move with Vidal’s energetic sensibility.
The Alicante-based label embeds the irrationality of passion within its sustainably made collections, described by Vidal as a self-loving feminine fashion proposal. Entwining logotype with logomark, we have developed bold lettering as part of a wider brand identity that fills the frame of supporting design formats with gutsy curvature and seductive eclecticism.

“Phantasia has reformulated our entire universe with passion and intelligence.”

Juan Vidal, Founder of Juan Vidal
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