Identity for AUTRE AURA. AUTRE AURA is born from the belief that things can be made autrement, differently. It is also an ode to playfulness and to all of those who play.

Aura loves to experiment with textiles and their possibilities by mixing and matching prints and patterns, exploring traditions and techniques in an homage to our past and its heritage. Origin of textile and material as a value: knowledge and tradition. Putting location or time zone into focus: global.

“Phantasia did A GREAT job with the project. They are the best”

Marina Ipsum, Head of Communication at PAAC
Sound On
Sound On
Instagram warm-up campaign: Wrapping objects in Autre Auras blockprinted textiles.
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Warm-Up Set Design with LAURA DOARDO
Campaign Photography by NACHO ALEGRE and POL REBAQUE
Production by SERGI VILÀ

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